Program Schedule

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  • Examining Players’ Sense-Making of Representation, Gender, and Race(ism) in Overwatch (Aguilar)
  • Critical Roles in Livestreaming and Esports (Brewster, Cullen, Ruelos, Scully-Blaker)
  • “There is absolutely no reason that she couldn’t do it:” An analysis of how Overwatch players value labor in a competitive context (Bull)
  • Esports Affinity Spaces for STEM: Harnessing Participatory Cultures in Discord Communities (Engerman and Felix)
  • Climbing the ranks in hard mode: a look into how the competitive environment of Danish esport academies affects young gamers (Fiskaali, Lieberoth, Spindler)
  • Ouvriers de l’Ordinateur: Work, Suffering, and Sport Heroism in Western Esports (Howard)
  • pwning n00bs for highschool credit?!? Reasons and expectations for opening esports programs in Danish secondary schools (Lieberoth and Fiskaali)
  • The Effects of Exercise Programming on Competitive Video Game Performance (Middleton)
  • League of Legislation: Esports and Global Politics (Reblin-Renshaw)
  • Esports Research: A Literature Review (Reitman, Wu, Lee, Anderson, and Steinkuehler)
  • Game Jams and Game Development Competitions as Esport (Scacchi)
  • Social Gaming & Collegiate Esports – An Analysis (Stewart)
  • Australian College Students’ Experiences of Toxicity in Esports Games: An Interview Study (Turkay, Adinolf & Conroy)
  • Narrative Accommodation: Transforming Esports Writing (Yoon)